"Since I was a little girl I felt a great joy with the vibrant colors from my tropical country, with the colorful homes, mountains, beaches, people and the way you live in the Caribbean, the weather, the heat, the rain, all the vast spectrum of colors had a big influence on my art."

Flor has exhibited throughout her art career in keynote cities such as NYC, LA, London, Istanbul, Miami with rave reviews and humanitarian twists by linking up with Charity Organizations. Flor is a firm supporter of the idea of helping those in need and has been an activist from working throughout her lifetime with children with special needs (physically, emotionally, and educationally), motivational speaking, people with addictions and people of impoverished communities around the World. You may see the some of the vast press                 . 

NYC called Flor back in 1978 attending Parsons School of Design, where she studied textile design and different techniques to paint and print on fabrics for two years, developing a new technic in Batik painting. After graduating she married, lived briefly in Caracas and then moved to Los Angeles in 1986, enrolling in The Brentwood Art Center where she focused on developing the technique of watercolor.

Although Flor Troconis family resided in Venezuela they shared a large part of their lives also in New York City, where her parents met and married. Having family in NYC and Millbrook  naturally gave Flor an inclination to bid adieu to Venezuela for periods of time in search of furthering her artistic development. In 1972 she went to Bennett College in New York to study sculpture and jewelry, then in 1973 she returned to Venezuela, to simultaneously complete her education in art and Psychopedagogy, merging her two loves by working in a school for children with special needs, focusing on teaching the children through art to develop social skills, motor skills, inner strength, and the freedom to create.

From an early age in life Flor Troconis, knew that she wanted to be an artist. Born and raised in the lush South American country of Venezuela, Flor had a visual palate that has stimulated her throughout her artistic career. With an adventurous and curious spirit she has traveled overtly throughout the world and has lived in various cities, residing in Caracas, New York, Los Angeles, London, Istanbul, Miami to name a few, all of which have given her luminously eccentric revelations in artwork. Currently she shares her time between LA, London, Istanbul and Miami.